Departments & Units

Ensuring our campus is ready for students, faculty and staff to return is paramount. As part of the Smart Restart Campaign, we know there are many factors to consider when making arrangements to reopen buildings and welcome employees and students back to campus.

In July, Smart Restart guidance was issued on how to reopen buildings and facilities on campus. If you are beginning that process, it is recommended that you first review FP&M’s Facilities Startup Guide to Operating Safety in Campus Facilities.

Other pertinent information is available below including links to health and safety measures, workspace configuration, cleaning and disinfecting classrooms and work areas, and COVID-19 policies from Office of Human Resources. If you have additional questions, please contact

Where to Go for Help

While there are some campus requirements related to the reopening process, local interpretation and implementation of these requirements will vary from unit to unit. Accordingly, most questions and requests for assistance should follow the unit’s established group of subject matter experts, managers, and local leadership.

If questions remain, below are key contacts for specific topics:

Respect Statement

COVID-19 is not specific to an ethnicity or race—disease does not discriminate. Racist behaviors or stereotyping are not tolerated at UW–Madison. If you experience harassment or discrimination, students are encouraged to file a bias incident report. Employees may file a complaint with the Office of Compliance.